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Putting the 6Cs into Practice (NHS Specific)


Have The Biggest Impact On Patient Care and Drive Team Discussions

Fundamental questions to help you

  • tangibly improve the quality of patient experience
  • engage in effective conversations with colleagues and patients
  • ask high impact questions about things that matter in patient care
  • shape new ways of thinking and behaving

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The NHS has rarely faced the level of challenge, scrutiny and public concern that it must now address. Use these cards to drive team discussions about how to use the 6Cs to have the biggest impact on patient care.

When designing care around the 6Cs framework it can be difficult to know where to start or how to change existing custom and practice.

These conversation cards are designed to help you ask the right questions of yourself and others.

Containing 48 challenging questions which can be used by individuals, pairs and groups of any size, along with with fundamental tips about putting the 6Cs into practice.

Each pack also contains skill prompts to remind you how to have high impact conversations.

Ideal for healthcare staff of all levels

Written by Lynda Holt, MA, DipHE RGN FInstLM, with over 20 years experience in leadership roles as a clinician, manager and coach in healthcare and industry.

Putting the 6Cs into Practice (NHS Specific) business coaching cards are a just-in-time tool that make ideal business coaching tools.

Business Coaching Cards that start conversations that matter

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